A History Of Work


Consultant, Computer Horizons Corp.

Current assignment as lead web developer with large Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical corporation, working on creation of the Computational Chemistry intranet site, which includes a major overhaul/revamp to existing CGI Scripts, as well as development of all-new utilities. Includes JavaScript/CSS/DHTML front-end components, a multithreaded Perl backend, optimized using distributed computing techniques to utilitize two separate operating systems (SGI/Irix and Sun), connections to Oracle 8I Database server via DBI Interface, realtime GIF generation for results pages with GD.pm interface; other duties have included some Sun JavaWebServer configurations, C Coding to comply with third-party libraries, cron configurations, other minor unix troubleshooting/corrections. Provide technical/developer support to other team members, as well as contractors assigned to other projects.


Field Engineer, Abtech Systems, Inc

Perform same tasks as required with Sherlock Support. (Abtech purchased Sherlock Support) (Company closed support services due to lawsuit from Hewlett Packard) 


Field Engineer, Sherlock Support Group, Inc

Perform field-level installations, maintenance, and hardware repairs on a variety of customer sites and varied HP equipment, covering all of Indiana, and parts of Kentucky and Ohio. Common equipment serviced includes 9×7/9×8 systems, System 70’s; 2932,33,34, 2563,64, 2566/67, and LaserJet printers; 700/92 and 700/96 terminals. Other duties included web developed for both internal usage (including conversion of hardbound service manuals to HTML/.GIF formats) and public information displays and references, as well as the development of a recursive parts tracking database system (Delphi 3.0, win32, Paradox engine) which included the ability to track parts which are assemblies of other parts, and handled the separation/reintegration of subassemblies to complete assemblies. (Company to be sold March 1, 1999)

Side gig – creation of Spokane Tow Truck company website.


Factory Authorized PC Technician, Best Buy Service 614

Bench repair of most brands of personal computers and printers. Hardware, software, virii, operator error, as well as incorrect upgrades/additions were all seen and repaired on a daily basis. Set the new standards of production expectations within 3 months of active employment. Received among the highest employee reviews. November 1997 Employee of the Month. Regularly consulted with management to make recommendations on policies, procedures, and equipment required; considered “top tech” for PC’s; often asked to set examples by our District Service Manager, Pedro Barnes. Other projects included client-side Novell 3.11 troubleshooting and optimization, and development of a software package for technician use which tracked all services performed (customer, problem, solution, billing information) and a comprehensive parts-lookup/vendor contact information database (Delphi 3.0, win32, Paradox engine.) (Company downsize, service facility closed)

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