Am I Bleeding

Due to restrictions imposed by the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program, the following “about me” section has been generously provided on my behalf:

The web master of this site lives in the midwest United States with his fiancée, cat, and dog. When he is not developing the games on this site, he likes to take his basset hound, Misfit, for walks around their lake. Another area of great enjoyment for him is torturing his fiancée’s cat, Psycho. Recently added to his brood is his ferret, Linux.

Our web master is employed at a major pharmaceutical company as the lead technical web developer. When he is not surfing the Dilbert site, he mentors other team members to become budding web developers. While they will never achieve his stature, he hopes to add them to his legions in defeating the world. Many of his programs will and have been integral in finding improved medications in the quickest possible fashion. Before web design i worked with

Besides working on several new games, he recently had a new DSL line installed. This will mean a new site and URL. Along with it, you will find much improved games and many other features.

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